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The first Real Office

EIOffice is a seamlessly integrated Office environment. Unlike separate applications thrown together into a suite, then forced to work together, EIOffice delivers one user interface, programmed under one roof, by one team, with one design, one file format, providing true data integration, focused on enhanced user productivity.

All your Office applications have now been integrated into a single program.

Start EIOffice and you launch just one Office - from which you control all text, worksheets, slides, presentations, charts, tables and graphs from one application using standard menus and icons, a simple and intuitive application bar or navigation pane.

One Binder stores all standard Office documents (worksheets, text documents, presentations). And, with a standard user interface, a single file format for all office documentation plus Evermore Software's (patent pending) DOORS technology, EIOffice lets you share data between primary Office documents as easily as you cut and paste. When you make changes to a source document (spreadsheet, text document or presentation) all linked data in target documents (spreadsheets, text documents or presentations) will be automatically updated - 100% all the time.

For users, this level of synchronized integration is fundamental, obvious and vitally important. For example, consider the development and updating of a business plan. As it evolves, there are frequent changes to the many spreadsheets that comprise its many budgets and ROI analysis. Add more sales people to the staffing spreadsheet, for example, and salary, commission, benefit and infrastructure costs increase - from the number of telephone extensions that may be needed, to the number of desks and chairs, or even the square footage of the office that must be leased. And, even though the added staff may boost sales, profit margins are affected, changing the projected break-even point and return on investment for potential investors.

Conventional Office suites force the user to search and replace through document after document, spreadsheet after spreadsheet, slide after slide. It might take days to manually search, replace and proofread a 100-page business plan and 15 slides - and humans are prone to error. The delays - and the mistakes -- could very well make or break a fund raising effort. And; most often, the user must identify, change and proofread any file that references the source data manually - a tedious and costly waste of time, resources and productivity.

In contrast, the Paste Link command in Evermore Integrated Office ensures that all documents and data in one binder is automatically updated, eliminating delays and mistakes.

Written in Java, EIOffice also offers the global enterprise and small business one REAL Office that works across platforms. EIOffice runs on all operating systems that support Java, including Windows ? and Linux ?. Support for Macintosh OS X and Solaris is in development. Chinese and English versions of EIOffice are available for worldwide markets.

The Integrated Advantage

One Office
Designed from the ground up as one integrated program, EIOffice is one Office - one program written in Java, designed by one development team that integrates spreadsheets, text documents and presentations with one user interface and one file format, that stores all related documents in one binder.

As one seamless application, EIOffice offers advanced time saving and productivity innovations not found in other Office suites.

One Binder
One File Format
One Use Interface
Cross-System Compatibility
The Paste Link Command
Macro Editor
Application Bar

As one seamless application, EIOffice lffers advanced time saving and productivity innovations not found in other leading Office Suites.

Productivity Features

EIOffice is a fully functional Office suite that can easily handle all your accounting, text processing and presentation graphics needs. EIOffice Spreadsheet, Word Processor and Presentation Graphics documents all work together as a single program, letting you create and edit data just as you would if working in Microsoft Office. Designed as a replacement product, EIOffice includes many of the same features as Microsoft Office, plus a number of productivity features found nowhere else.



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