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NeoKylin  Operating System

    The NeoKylin  Operating System is an a utonomous server operating system jointly developed by units such as the National University of Defense Technology. This system supports multiple types of microprocessors as well as multiple types of computer architectures, and possesses the characteristics of high performance, high security and high availability.

    The NeoKylin  Operating System is compatible with the Linux Application Binary Interfaces, and is the first international non-Linux kernel operating system to be LSB (Linux Standard Base)certified by the Free Standards Group. With focused optimization on areas such as system security, database support and web application support, it therefore possesses stronger competitiveness in domains such as secure server, database server, web server and server integration.

The main characteristics of the NeoKylin Operating System are as follows:

¡ñ High security

    With reference to the inadequacy in the aspects of confidentiality, integrity and audit capabilities in the mainstream operating systems, technology research and implementation based on smart cards were carried out on user identification and authentication, trusted privilege grants, trusted data authentication, m andatory access control and setting of user rights etc, to safeguard the security of the system from the various layers such as host authentication, authorization, client management and access control.

¡ñ Compatibility with Linux and standard compliance

    NeoKylin delivers compatibility by supporting LSB £¨ Linux Standard Base £© as recognized by the Linux industry, plus the UNIX'03 International Standards. NeoKylin implements its compatibility with Linux object codes in its system kernel's service layer and also provides an interface conforming to the POSIX and LSB standards. The compatibility with Linux object codes are primarily done through four areas namely: formats of executable files, system call interfaces, dynamic link library interfaces and the organization structure of the file system. The NeoKylin Operating System has presently passed the LSB Runtime Environment 1.3 standard compliant certification for complete compatibility with Linux object codes on the Intel IA32 and IA64 platforms, thus improving tremendously its market survival.

¡ñ Support module for multiple architectures and board s

    The NeoKylin Operating System is able to support multiple microprocessors and microprocessor architectures, including Intel IA32, Intel IA64, AMD64, SGI MIPS, Sun SPARC and so on. On the basis of supporting microprocessor architectures, the NeoKylin Operating System also provides further support for various boards. The support module in the NeoKylin Operating System is implemented using mainly assembly code and C code to guarantee the efficiency of the module.

¡ñ Supports mainstream bus standard

    NeoKylin Operating System is able to support multiple new types of bus standards, including Infiniband, HyperTransport, PCI-X, PCI-Express etc.

¡ñ Hierarchical Object- oriented drivers - Development framework and mode

    Based on the object oriented design ideology, the device driver framework in the NeoKylin Operating System adopts a hierarchical tree f ramework to organize the various device drivers, employs a device file system to manage the devices, and has the merits of being concise and highly efficient.

¡ñ Kernel leveled multi-threaded web server -- KETA

    NeoKylin designed and implemented at the kernel, a new multi-threaded web server -- KETA £¨ KErnel neTwork geAr £© , based on the streaming architecture. The core idea of KETA is to divide a web request process flow in its entirety, into a certain number of threads. Each thread is only responsible to complete a specific link in the web request process. Thread utilization are enhanced and at the same time, system concurrency improved and performance bettered, making it suitable for a service environment with heavier load under the SMP platform. Test results have indicated that the KETA system performance is stable with obvious acceleration in Apache. The accelerated performance surpasses the TUX Web accelerator in the Linux kernel and IIS in Windows.

¡ñ Supports multiple file systems

    The NeoKylin Operating System supports multiple file systems, including UFS ¡¢ FAT ¡¢ NTFS ¡¢ EXT2 and so on. The NeoKylin file system module is located in the system service layer of the kernel, adopting the VFS/vnode interface framework. VFS provides an access interface of the specific file system to the downward layers and a general system call interface to the upper layers based on the bottom layer's file system, via a general file model. The specific file system uses the memory buffer mechanism to buffer the meta data and file data to reduce the number of times the hard disk and network is accessed, enhancing the performance of the file system.

¡ñ High Availability

    The overall a vailability of a server system requires the close coordination of the computer hardware system and the operating system, through the r eduction in the average maintenance time and increment in the average failure¨Cfree time to enhance the system the overall a vailability . The high a vailability services in the NeoKylin Operating System is primarily reflected in various areas such as the advance detection mechanism of the system resources fault-tolerant support, hot standby and the high a vailability support of the dynamic virtual machine.

¡ñ Desktop environment with Windows styled interface
    The NeoKylin Operating System adopts X Windows as the system's basic graphical environment, and uses Gnome as the desktop environment.

¡ñ An easy to use system installation

    The graphical system installation is an important composite in the NeoKylin Operating System, and is responsible for correctly installing the NeoKylin system onto the targeted computer.

    The NeoKylin Operating System is presently deployed with much success , in the key domains for building up state informatization, such as finance, government, education and national defense, making it a solution sought after by many industry users. NeoKylin joined the Commercial Affairs Foreign Aid Export since the year 2003.



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