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    After releasing NeoShine Office version 1.0 in February 2004, China Standard Software Co., Ltd. went on to release NeoShine Office version 1.2 in May 2004 and NeoShine Office version 2.0 in September 2004. In the short time span of a few months, three versions of the NeoShine Office system were released and honors were received time and again last year. While the industry marveled at the speed and aggressiveness of the development, NeoShine Office system also injected a new strength into this traditional domain, bringing new hope in breaking through the monopoly of Microsoft.

I. Product Introduction

    Developed by China Standard Software Co., Ltd., NeoShine Office system can run under both the Windows and the Linux platform. It is an office software system that provides a comprehensive range of functionalities and is easy to use, plus an outstanding compatibility and stable performance. The system consists of modules such as Writer, Calc and Impress etc.

     NeoShine Office 2.0 Writer is able to produce commonly used documents, correspondences and memorandums. It also has the master document function and provides capabilities such as revision, version management and so on, to bring much convenience in network-based collaborative work.

     NeoShine Office 2.0 Calc can be used to create various kinds of complicated data forms, and generate various direct visuals of data analysis charts, basing on the needs. NeoShine Office 2.0 per se provides a rich pool of formulas and functions, making it extremely convenient for the computation and application of the data.

     NeoShine Office 2.0 Impress is mainly used for creating various presentation slides. NeoShine Office 2.0 is able to support multimedia files such as AVI, MIDI , WAV, RMF, SWF, AIF and so on. Hence, a presentation will still play smoothly even with different multimedia contents added simultaneously .

    In short, the NeoShine Office 2.0 office system has the following characteristics:

1. User Friendly

    ¡ñ Abundant consideration of user's operational habits
        For the convenience in user operations and reduction in training costs, the overall interface, position of menu options, content of the right key menu and setting of shortcut keys in NeoShine Office 2.0, are kept identical as much as possible, to that of the Microsoft Office products, so that the users can proceed with their operations as per normal.

    ¡ñ Provision of richer toolbars
        NeoShine Office 2.0 provides over ten toolbars and is extremely flexible with regards to their operations. The float/dock operation can be carried out as per required by the user. Buttons on each of the toolbars can also be added or removed as determined by the user. The toolbars are context sensitive; the corresponding toolbar will pop out automatically when operating on specific objects to assist the user in carrying out various configurations.


2. Outstanding Compatibility

    ¡ñ Compatibility with Microsoft Office
        NeoShine Office 2.0, which offers an even more comprehensive compatibility with Microsoft Office, is compatible with the file formats of Microsoft Office (allows the user to directly open and save as the various file formats of Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP/2003, including files of the DOC, XLS and PPT formats). Please see the following diagram for NeoShine Office system's compatibility with Microsoft Office:

Diagram 1: Result of compatibility in using NeoShine Office Writer to open a Microsoft Word file

Diagram 2: Result of compatibility in using NeoShine Office Calc to open a Microsoft Excel file

Diagram 3: Result of compatibility in using NeoShine Office Impress to open a Microsoft PowerPoint file

    ¡ñ Compatibility with other applications
        Conforming to the XML (Extensible Markup Language) standards, the data storage format of NeoShine Office 2.0 not only greatly reduces the hard disk space taken up by the files, but also facilitates the condition for other applications to be compatible with NeoShine Office 2.0. The user can totally compile his own application based on his actual requirements to directly analyze and extract the required information from a NeoShine Office file.



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